Thursday, 16 February 2017

It's Vain to Email Append Your Database if You Don't Do This

I'm, sure you've heard the old saying about first impressions! We all know, we get only one chance to make sure you impress the target. However, with emails, there's another challenge- If you e- mail does not look appealing at the first sight, your mail is going to the trash folder right away!

To help you get through the first step of surviving in the inbox cull, every e-mail marketer should be knowing about this. Yes, you may not really have to design your own e-mails but, if you do so, this tip is going to make your e-mail look crisp, current and very professional. 

Go for mobile- friendly email templates.

When it comes to real estate, it's like 'location, location, location!' But, when it comes to e-mail marketing, it's all about 'mobile, mobile, mobile!'

This is how critical mobiles are today- 53% of e-mails are opened on the smartphone devices as per several researchers. Remember, not always are your readers going to be stuck to their desktops- mobiles are in now. Forget this mentality of desktops before mobiles because, it's the other way around! Also, email append your database if you want to obtain the best results out of each email campaign you roll out.

Here are a few 'responsive' e-mail design tips which are basic yet, very strong when used while designing mobile- friendly e-mails:

  • Subject line- nothing more than 4 characters
  • Customization of preheader text- It's visible almost everytime, just like the subject line
  • Body text- Stick to 12 or 13. Several e-mail designers actually prefer 15 or 16 to be the font size
  • Single columns- Look the best, nothing more than 600 pixels, though
  • Buttons- not to be wider than 48 pixels. However, it's great if it's wider because, why trouble the user while clicking?
  • Avoid stacked links- very hard to click!
  • Short and sweet content- the key to success

Remember, people today don't have the time to go till their computers just to access a mail you have sent. Always keep in mind- your emails are not as special as you think for your clients. If you want to be the special mailing guy, make it reach beyond that level. Like, have crisp content in your mail, customize your mail, make sure your mail is scannable and more! Also, it's vain to email append your database if you do not work on your marketing strategy.


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