Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Email Marketing Lessons One Could Learn Through Tele Marketing

Businesses today have brought out some great techniques that can lead them towards some kind of a success. And when it comes to Telemarketing it is very easy for a business men or a marketer to turn all their customers into valuable customers just through a phone call. But when it comes to email marketing electronic communication is one of the best ways of communicating with all your clients and customers. Though telephone is a crucial part of marketing strategy email marketing is a long way to go that will make some good things happen no matter what it is. Given below are some of the great lessons one could learn through Telemarketing.
  • Before you send an email to your clients and customers know who are you, why are you doing it and what is the need of calling your clients and customers back. Most if the times when an email is sent to their clients these three things are never addressed or shared in the email. Doing this will make you remove things you have already shared or told in the mail.
  • Make Sure that the every sentence in the email is easily understood without any difficulty of your clients and customers.The reason behind this is emails now are read through mobiles than being read on a laptop or Personal Computer. So remember make it Short, Simple and Sweet.

  • The last and the most important lesson here is when ever you have finished writing an email make sure you read and check, if every thing written in the email is perfect or not. And if you get an answer no you need to get back and see where are the changes need to be made. Continue doing till you are full Satisfied.
Many of us always tend to do a common mistake while dealing with the concept of email marketing. And that common mistake is stuffing too much of information along with the images in the mail. Get out strategies and techniques that could benefit you and your readers. One of the best technique to deal here is putting your leg in the customers shoes and see is this is what you wanted as a customer. Do not treat them in a different manner just because you do not communicate with them through emails and there is no face to face communication. Most important have the email addresses of all your clients and customers. And in case of missing email addresses you could opt for email appending services. Email appending will help you the missing email addresses of all your clients and customers in the database.

Email Marketing Tips One Needs To Avoid In 2013

Marketing or any businesses in the world lead us with many shortcuts for gaining success in every activity we do. And is obvious businesses cannot be run unless you do something in it. There are things we need to avoid, there are things we need to change, making email marketing better in 2013.
  • Do Not Expect People to Listen Unless You Do: This is one of the most important point that needs to be remembered while dealing with the concept of email marketing. It is obvious that unless you listen to your readers you cannot expect them to listen to you. In email marketing or be it any business it is very important that you ask your customers what is that they need, what is that they are looking out for, understanding their needs and requirements. And if you fail to do so they begin unsubscribing and un follow you in every marketing activity you are doing.
  • Do Not Be Scared of Trying Out Something New: Businesses are considered to be successful only when they try out something new. In other words Think something that is out of the box. Have a new subject line, Provide content written in a different manner, Provide them with a special offer etc.
  • Do Not Forget Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing is another important aspect of email marketing making it user friendly. Emails these days are being read through mobile phones, Readers are marketing their products and services through emails so make sure that you make your marketing mobile user friendly.
    Email Appending

  • Do not Over Write: In email marketing one thing that needs to be remembered here is that you should not over write your email again and again. They need to be written in a different manner doing something creative. Over doing it again and again would make the readers loose their interest and would prefer deleting your mail or would prefer putting them in the spam folder.
  • Dont Email your Customers Without a Marketing Strategy: Before sending a mail to all your clients and customers make sure you know why are you sending them and what is the reason behind it. Have a strategy kept ready of what should be sent in the first part of the year. Stick to that schedule while sending mails to your clients. Doing this would make your customers appreciate that you are not wasting time of things that are not required or not necessary.
Marketing without the email addresses of all your clients and customers is like bread without jam. So make sure you have the exact email addresses of all your clients and customers. For the missing email addresses Email Append Service would be of a great help. Email Appends would help you gain the matching email addresses of all your clients and customers.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Maximize your Email Marketing following the Tips

Email Marketing or the email news letters are not something new that we are not aware off but are still considered to be one of the best methods one could be used in marketing. Email marketing is said to be effective only if they are followed in a correct manner. The best thing about email is that it is is not considered to be boring, or something that is not interesting. It is obvious that when an email is sent people would read it and know what is being said, as the email that is sent would stay in their inbox and would act as a reminder at the right place and at the right time. But the job just does not end here by just sending the email to all your clients and customers. You need to ensure and get out out methods where your email are read and not ignored by your clients and customers. Given here are the 6 important methods of maximizing your email marketing in 2013.
  • Provide Your Readers with an Unsubscribe Option: Email Marketing is one of the best methods of marketing as it makes people subscribe to your new letters. And when people have opted for your new letters tell them what are they going to receive through your newsletters, how often they would be receiving and what benefit would they gain from it.
  • Have your Emails Significant and Brief: When any one of us receive emails its obvious that we do not spend much of our time in reading the mail. So make sure that every email you send is short and simple. In case you need to provide your readers with more information then provide them with a link that would connect them with your site. And the most important thing that needs to be remembered that every email that you send should look interesting so that if you add just the content and not the images at least the readers would not loose their interest to read it.
  • Provide Some Value: While dealing with the concept of email marketing make sure that you do not send mails just for the sake of sending them. In order for your mails to be opened and read make sure you provide your readers with some kind of a value. Also make sure that the mail you send does not land up to be in the Spam folder and if it does you would not have any subscribers left. 
  • Make them Personal: While sending mails to all your clients and customers make sure you keep the tone conversational making them feel that you are speaking just to them and not any one else. If possible use their names directly in the mail that you send.
  • Make your Readers feel special through every mail You Send: To make people open and read the mails that you have sent make them feel special in all the best ways you can. As this would not just make them subscribe to your mailing list but would also get you some good and effective marketing results. Check out your competitors and see what they are doing to grab the attention of the market audience. Not necessary you need to do the same thing that they are doing but something different and unique which could benefit you and your marketing campaign. Keep it short, simple and sweet.
  • Provide them with a good Title: The title or the subject line in the email is something that could ensure you that the email is being read. So make sure that your title of the mail you are sending is short, sweet and simple. Use titles on the basis of the email that you send. For example the if you have some offers for your market audience then have a title representing the offers you have for them. Have some thing creative that would make them open your mail that you have sent.
Email Marketing is said to be incomplete without having the email addresses of your clients and customers. For email addresses that are missing in the data base, email appends would be of a great help. Email Append services would help you gain the email addresses of all your clients and customers updating your database. Email marketing methods just do not end here. There are many more methods that could help you maximizing your email marketing campaign. Its just that you need to know where and what method should be applied.

3 Effective and valuable ways of Email Marketing

Each and every one of the moment we reach home or office the first thing we do is checking the mail and see if there is anything important that is sent. At times we check mail before we leave or enter office and begin with our daily routine. With this i think all of us have made it clear that email marketing is something that cannot be considered to be dead. It is today considered to be the most important method of marketing as it provides us with a link that connects us with the market audience at a great ease. All you need here for a successful email marketing campaign is the exact email addresses of all your clients and customers so that you could connect with them at a great ease. And in case of the email addresses that are being missed email addresses being missed email append would help you find the missing email addresses of all your customers in the database. Here are three important sectors of email marketing one needs to remember while dealing with their marketing campaign.
  • The Subject Line of the mail: When you open your mail what grabs your attention to read the mail sent to you. To this most of us believe that there are two important things that could grab our attention and the first one is to see who has sent the mail and second is the subject line of the email. The subject line is the one that plays an important role here as it it tells us what the email is all about and why is been sent. So make sure that the subject line of the email is written in such a way that it grabs the attention of the market audience immediately once they see it. In other words it should be like the headline of the news paper that creates a kind of curiosity in the readers to see and know what is being said.
  • The Content of the Email: Content is said to be the most important part of email marketing after the subject line. As it is the content that makes you sell your products and services, giving information to your customers on what the product is all about. So make sure that every content that you send should create a kind of value to your readers as this is said to be one of the best ways of adding all your customers to the list. Keeping up to the expectations of your readers asking them what they need and what is that they are looking out for is one of the best idea to begin with your content. Apart from this you could also share articles, blog posts, informing your market audience what you have for them and what benefits they could gain from it.
  • Check When is the Email being sent: Have an agenda set so that you know when is the right time of sending email to your clients and customers. Usually all the business men and marketers choose to send emails on a Tuesday morning but the others prefer sending emails on a Monday morning. Sending emails on a Monday morning would not just grab the attention of the market audience but would also provide you with a link where you could
    communicate with them in a better manner. Timing of every mail the you send is another important aspect that plays an important role here as it would not just add new customers to your database but would also help you judge their reaction towards every mail that you send.
Apart from all these there are several tools and services that will help you manage your email marketing campaign for example the Mail chimp and the Aweber. So what are your important aspects of email marketing. And how do you apply them.