Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Face Book Social Marketing Tips For 2013

Social Networking sites seem to be the most important tool of all the businesses today though some were started as a personal networking site and some as a normal social networking site. Sites like My Space and Friendster was started in the 2002 and 2003 but did not gain much popularity as Facebook. Facebook was started in 2004 a year after the social networking sites but gained huge popularity in a very less time. Followed by this twitter was born two years later in 2006 which was again followed by pinterest in 2010 and is known to be the fastest growing site. Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn all these social networking sites have become the most powerful sites in when compared to the social media marketing process. And as things develop and change many challenges come across in life helping you grow and expand in all the best ways you can. Keeping these things in mind given below are the social media marketing tips for a better 2013.
  • Your post should be relevant to your readers: Its obvious that when some one begins using social networking sites for the first time they usually make a post that is personally related to their life. Social networking sites have developed and changed with time so make sure that you bring out a post with information that is relevant to your readers and is not something that talks about you. The best example for this could be some solutions, interesting facts, or post that could be useful to the readers.
  • Make use of the tools the social networking sites provide you: Social networking sites with all the tools that it has created have made the businesses grow and gain popularity with a shorter period of time. Make use of all the tools and learn to use them in all the best ways to gain some benefit through your fans and business you are dealing with.
  • Have some events held: Through the social networking sites hold events like conferences, seminars, give a ways, chats and other things that could make it for your readers to understand the business in a better manner. Recently Facebook has come up with a event feature making it even more easier and efficient.

  • Develop Connections with your readers and not with sales: Marketing done through social networking sites is said to be successful only when you develop and maintain a stronger relationship with your readers than the sales. To do this even more better respond to each and every comment made by your readers giving them a clear idea of what your business is actually all about. Make sure that you provide your readers with some solutions than pitching them with some things that they dont understand.
  • Make use of Google analytics: Google analytics will help you focus on things that have worked out for your business including the ones that did not work out in the previous years. Not just this you would also know how many people are visiting more than one social networking sites, when is that they are making a visit to your page and many more. Through analytics you as a marketer could learn a lot from analytics gaining huge benefits in all the best ways you can.
Social media as an important tool of marketing can is expected to change even more giving benefits to the readers. As a marketer make sure you are active on social media getting involved in activities in all the best ways you can. These were some of the social marketing tips. What are yours. Share your thoughts below by leaving some comments to the post. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

3 Important Things One Needs To Focus In Order To Gain Some Good Results.

If you like all the marketers and the business men need to more traffic towards your site, and need to increase your sales and leads within the organization here are three important areas you could focus on to gain and bring effective marketing results.
  • Why should some one buy the product from you, what is the benefit they could gain from it and how is it different from the others (Competitor) ???
Not able to answer the questions of all the clients and customers is one common mistakes the business men or the business owners and the marketers do. One should not forget that the most important tool here in the field of marketing here is marketing itself. Unless you answer the questions of your customers you are not just wasting your time in promoting your business, but also your wasting your customers time forcing them to show interest in you. Provide them with a valid point as to why they should buy the product from you and what is that they are going to gain from you. Your competitors could judge you only on one basis and that is through the price of the product you are offering to your customers. Remember your competitors provide your customers with the best services and have these testimonials of their clients to make other buy their products and services from them. So make sure that you answer all the questions of all your customers that they have in their mind as this improves each and every element related to marketing.

  • Is your copy compelling to your readers ???
Business men or the marketers dealing with any kind of marketing process must make sure that they have written their copies correctly and is not written in a ammeture manner. It would be of no use to waste your time and money in branding, making flyers, brochures, blogs etc if you are not able to provide your readers with the content that they need and have been looking out for in the market. And if you want the customers to buy the products from you, contact you then make sure that you provide them with the content that has appealed them. It should be something that needs to inspire them and should be something that provides a stronger reason for them to visit you. So make sure you sit with your team and get out things that have proved to be good and have worked out better for you.
  • Is your website effective enough in attracting the sales and customers for your organization?
If you have a blog of your own, and the moment you publish a post in the blog, there would be people who through your post would love to know this particular post could help their business to survive and bring back effective marketing results. This is what a blog and your website should actually do. Your blog and website should be a source of inquires to your customers. It should be written in such a way that your customers read and understand the entire process and from being a temporary customer turn into a permanent client. And if your site is attracting your customers but is not able to increase the sales and leads in the organization then it is sure that your website is not meeting up one or the other points mentioned above. 
These were some of my marketing techniques .. What are yours?? Do share your thoughts and ideas with us.
Also make sure that you have the email addresses of all your clients and customers and in case of missing email addresses visit

Content Marketing Ideas For A Better 2013

Just like every marketer or a business man does we sit and get out things that have worked out for us in the previous month and avoid things that have lead to a loss. Every business today have got out different techniques, strategies and ideas that could provide them with some great content, making it simple, easy and understandable to you. Given below are some of the content marketing ideas you could apply for a better 2013.
  • Find and get out people of your industry and build up a better content marketing plan. This could include something like interviews, technology, or a general topic that could lead to an interest of your readers.
  • Once you find your industry members plan and bring out a content marketing project together. Businesses today are paying more attention on the industries that could provide them with some good content. So before you loose this opportunity sit and plan out things with them before they do it with others.
  • The Third and most important point that needs to be remembered here is providing your readers with less content would lead to a greater impact.
  • Make sure that your content landing page has a call for action. Try to be in a limit as when it comes to content marketing distractions are possible.
  • Update your list with the social media tools so that you could maintain a stronger relationship with your clients and customers. The list also could be updated by having the exact email address of your clients and customers. And in case of the email addresses being missed email appending solutions would be of a great help that would not just add the email addresses to your database but would also bring more customers online.
  • Make sure you get each and every employee of your organization or the team involved in every content marketing activity that you do. Remember there are many competitors who are using great techniques in the marketing field so that they could gain some effective marketing results. 

  • Sit out with every sales person of your organization and ask them what are the things that your customers are looking out for in the content. Doing this would not just increase the sales but would bring back effective marketing results in the organization.
  • Bring out top 100 questions that are asked by your customers on frequent basis so that you could answer all these questions through the content that you are providing them. This would not just help you gain more customers online but would also keep up a stronger relationship gaining good results.
  • Do not stuff your content with too many words make sure that you add some images to your content too.
  • And the last but not the least begin with some pod casts series for all the marketers and business professionals, making it easy for them to subscribe through your website only.
These were some of the content marketing tips for a better 2013. But these do not end here there are many that could lead you with some great advantages. So what are your content marketing strategies for 2013. Do share your thoughts and views with us.