Tuesday, 21 February 2017

2017- The Year of A Savvy Email-er!

This year's theme- 'It's high time for you to practice what you preach!' Stop being a hypocrite, show it to the world that you believe in what you say and implement it too. Here's how you can be the savvy email-er of this year:

Personalization.. The Core!

It's a forever story- you, I, all the email marketers know it out there. But, what if we finally implement it? The DMA's consumer email tracker report found that only 16% find the mails they receive relevant. Just because you add a contact's first name or say a happy hello, it does not mean that they find you and your product relevant!

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Make 2017 a year of connection- connection should take place between your client and brand by sending out mailers which are relevant to them. 

It's hard to do so until, you email append your database- Reverse appending services, for instance, can help you know a lot about your client's buying behavior and more.
Don't make them feel targeted, make them feel home.

Tell your Brand Story

It’s a great way- ever since we were children, we've always been fond of stories. Again, why not implement it? You need to understand your customer's journey, be in his shoes- so that you two can be on the same page! 

Make 2017 a year where you connect with your clients on a personal level. Have a rise in your subscribers, create evocative stories which are true and make their experience with you priceless 

Trust the Machine

Make 2017 the year to have faith in technology. Reach out to the right clients with the right products with email appending. Capture them in the moment and make them feel great about the product!
Use the interactive experience- email- well!

By now, as email marketers, you must be knowing about the aesthetic finishes in emails. 
So, let's make 2017 the year where customer engagement is great and makes you end up in the inbox folder and get read and lead to a deal just by allowing them to mail you even if you don't send out a mail to them! Dive into options – show your creativity!

Help customers rediscover

Make your clients rediscover themselves or their choices all over again- come up with new kinds of mailers every now and then- see how they react. 
Make 2017 year a journey of rediscovery!

So, now you know how to be a sassy emailer this year! Truly preach what you say else, don't expect the best for yourself! Get ready to win it all this year but, don’t forget to email append your database today!


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Thursday, 16 February 2017

It's Vain to Email Append Your Database if You Don't Do This

I'm, sure you've heard the old saying about first impressions! We all know, we get only one chance to make sure you impress the target. However, with emails, there's another challenge- If you e- mail does not look appealing at the first sight, your mail is going to the trash folder right away!

To help you get through the first step of surviving in the inbox cull, every e-mail marketer should be knowing about this. Yes, you may not really have to design your own e-mails but, if you do so, this tip is going to make your e-mail look crisp, current and very professional. 

Go for mobile- friendly email templates.

When it comes to real estate, it's like 'location, location, location!' But, when it comes to e-mail marketing, it's all about 'mobile, mobile, mobile!'

This is how critical mobiles are today- 53% of e-mails are opened on the smartphone devices as per several researchers. Remember, not always are your readers going to be stuck to their desktops- mobiles are in now. Forget this mentality of desktops before mobiles because, it's the other way around! Also, email append your database if you want to obtain the best results out of each email campaign you roll out.

Here are a few 'responsive' e-mail design tips which are basic yet, very strong when used while designing mobile- friendly e-mails:

  • Subject line- nothing more than 4 characters
  • Customization of preheader text- It's visible almost everytime, just like the subject line
  • Body text- Stick to 12 or 13. Several e-mail designers actually prefer 15 or 16 to be the font size
  • Single columns- Look the best, nothing more than 600 pixels, though
  • Buttons- not to be wider than 48 pixels. However, it's great if it's wider because, why trouble the user while clicking?
  • Avoid stacked links- very hard to click!
  • Short and sweet content- the key to success

Remember, people today don't have the time to go till their computers just to access a mail you have sent. Always keep in mind- your emails are not as special as you think for your clients. If you want to be the special mailing guy, make it reach beyond that level. Like, have crisp content in your mail, customize your mail, make sure your mail is scannable and more! Also, it's vain to email append your database if you do not work on your marketing strategy.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Turn Print Subscribers To Email Subscribers Using Email Appending

It's a piece of cake to find out email ids of all your print subscribers. There are companies like Quick Append which can do it for you in no time- it's one of the best email appending companies in USA. 

List appending are valuable just for obtaining email subscribers. Using this method, you'll get an exact picture as to who's your committed buyer and who is not that interested.


There was a B2C email appending database wherein, 23% of the email file was generated from list appends. It lead to 37% revenue as a whole. Also, this particular source is bringing a lot more money than the rest.It's simple, if you want to grow your file, publishers need to be willing to pay whatever it takes to make sure they follow your brand at all times. 

Sadly, several publishers are not giving too much importance to this source or, are being very broad- minded about it. 

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It's recommended for one to be extremely proactive with people who just purchased from you as well. Make sure you get their email ids onto that list of subscription before, that shows brand loyalty! If you do not show interest, they too won't.

Email appending is done in various ways, one of them being, obtaining email addresses via postal addresses. Which is why, it's very essential for you to either make sure they are loyal to you or obtain the right information at the right time. Else, you'll be stuck with a rusty email database and email appending will get harder and more expensive as well!

Above all, email appending is very essential in today's time of the Internet. People are evolving, so do we have to! It's only when you email append well, will you obtain great ROI, leading to great brand loyalty. 

Email appending is a way of data cleansing which is very essential in today's time- people are migrating, changing email ids, phone numbers, postal addresses, everything without thinking much. Our generation is such, you know. Which is why keep yourself updated all time by getting your database appended with one of the best email appending companies in the USA before it is too late!


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Monday, 6 February 2017

3 Best Email Marketing Campaigns EVER And Why They've Been The Best:

You want to know the secret to the best email marketing campaigns? Well, you'll get to know anyway. The secret is email appending! There must be several other email marketing campaigns sent out which were way better than the following. However, the reason why they did not do well was just because they did not target the right audience. That's when B2B email appending and B2C email appending comes into the picture.

Anyway, here are the best email campaigns till date and here's why they did extremely well other than data cleansing at the right time:


1. Charity: Water


Transactional email is the kind of mail they sent out to all wherein, they gave room to their audience to download a piece of information which shall be of prime importance to them for free. These are automated mails which come once you fill out a form to purchase a product or, to know about your product order's progress.

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Charity: Water took a different route. Once someone donated an amount to a charity, their money goes through a beautiful journey. Each time the money was used, or created an impact, a mail was sent to them to let them know how grateful they are to them.

The beauty in this was that it inspired people to donate more often as they knew where their money was going and in what. This campaign would not have been successful if, they went out to invalid or obsolete email ids. Which is why, data append is a must!

2. BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed, as you know is a huge brand. It's got amazing, catchy subject lines and preview text. Their content is short and sweet, covering most of the humans on this planet. The beauty about their email campaigns is that they're image- oriented and the content and other aspects of the mailer are such that the viewer, in spite of looking at it or a few seconds, will not forget the content and intention of them mailer, making it successful!
It's definitely something to be an admirer of.  However, their appended email database definitely did the trick as well as it helped them in hitting the nail just right!

3. Uber-


Uber's beauty is simplicity- their email campaigns are elegant and so sophisticated! The content in their emails are very short and to- the- point. Also, they have a CTA for all who want to know more! Also, they stick to their template and have consistent designs, just like the newspapers! At the same time, their social media images, app and so on have geometric patterns with bright colors, appealing to all. A tactic they've nailed is attaining and retaining brand loyalty. However, they always kept in mind to email append, phone append and so on, making sure they always have a valid, up- to- date database.
There are several other brands like Birchbox, Dropbox and so on who've had lovely e-mails which were personalized, inculcated with GIFs, enough content and visuals to attract more people and so on. It's awestrucking how email marketing will probably never die out- not anytime soon at least!