Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Email Marketing and Its Basics

Email Marketing in this competitive world of businesses today is one of the most powerful tool used to interact with all the marketers based across the world. It is not just used for the interaction purposes, but is also used for the various purposes of promoting a particular website, earn profits, to make announcements offers etc. Even after these many benefits that email marketing gives, not many people in the world today are aware of the benefits that email marketing could provide us with. Hence in order to understand the importance of email marketing its becomes very important that one knows the what the basics of email marketing are.

What is Email Marketing ???
Email Marketing in simple terms is a way of communicating with all your clients and customers using email. In other words its is one of the best ways of promoting your products and services. Emails are sent in order to keep the customers updated about the new products and services in other words to tell them about the products that are out in the market. Information to the clients is sent using email as it helps in building up the loyalty, trust and brand awareness among the customers. Brands here can easily gain awareness using emails. Email Marketing to this is cost effective allowing the links to be placed in the mails driving more traffic. All you need is to have the exact email addresses of all your clients and customers, making sure that they are added taking the permission of the readers. And in case of the email addresses being missed, email address appending would help you gain the email addresses missing in the database.

Email Marketing and Their Uses
Email Marketing is such a tool that when seen in the world of businesses today, it is used by millions of people be it the small business owners, the marketers, the website owners, bloggers and many more. Email Marketing is used as the emails are sent directly to the individuals without visiting their websites. Using the newsletters the marketers try building and maintaining a stronger relationship with their clients increasing the revenue and the conversion rates. The users through email marketing pay attention to all the things that you recommend, and see what action needs to be taken based on your recommendations.

How Does Email Marketing Actually Work
The first thing that one needs to remember here is to make sure that they have the email addresses of all their clients and customers. Its just that one needs to have a sign up form and good marketing firm. Once this process is completed you can login and create the list of emails and web forms that the visitors could use in the subscription form. As a email marketer you dont just have to add the email addresses in the email list but should make sure that you as a marketer are able to build up a stronger relationship with your customers. After the entire process being completed you can begin promoting the products and services. Thus email marketing is one of the best ways of gaining some good results if used in a proper manner. Its just that you needs to understand the basics of email marketing mentioned in the above paragraphs.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mobile Email Marketing Tips For 2013

With the major development of smart phones like Tabs, I phones, every thing seems to be turned out so simple when it comes to Emails, Social Media, or the other aspects of sharing out videos, images etc. With such things made simple and easy, emails today are being read and sent more through mobile phones compared to the desktop. In a research study conducted in December 2012 82.5% of the present generation today use their mobile phones to read their mails. Business Men to this believe that mobiles phones have led to the major development in terms of email marketing, with the technology affecting the business to some extent. To this the business owners who were just depended on email marketing completely, have started dealing with mobile email marketing in every business activity that they are doing. Its just that you need to have the exact email addresses of all your customers. In case of the email addresses being missed Email Appending would help you gain the missing email addresses of all the customers in the database. Given below are the major tips of Mobile Email Marketing for a better 2013.

  • Know who your competitors Are: The best way to begin with the concept of mobile marketing is to know who your competitors and your marketing audience are, what are the techniques used by them for their mails to be opened and read. Once you know the techniques that are used by them it would be of a great help for you helping you achieve your targets at a great ease increasing sales and revenue within the organization.
  • Design of Every Email That You Send: This is one important aspect that needs to be remembered while dealing with the concept of email marketing. Every handset has a different screen. So make sure that the emails you are creating are created keeping in mind the screen size of the phone. For example the I Phone Screen ranges from the 480 pixels in width so create a design keeping this point in mind making it environmental friendly.
  • Use a Proper Font Size: Another important thing that needs to be remembered here is the font size for every email that is sent. When it comes to mobile email marketing it is very important that to make sure that the content in your mail is easily read and understood by others. Have a font size of 30pt for every headline and 14 Pt for the body of the mail. And once you have the content and you put them together make sure that the mail you are sending is simple and as a whole.
  • Consider the Touch on Mobile: It is easy to access emails through a desktop using the mouse but when it comes to a mobile phone it is not that easy as it seems to be. The finger touch here is as accurate as the desktop seems to be. This is one of the major reasons for apple to consider minimum spacing of 10 pixels around the items that are click able. The main motive behind this to make the browsing easy for all your readers gain effective
    marketing results.
  • Have a Good Surfing Experience: Make sure that you provide your readers with some good surfing experience. And Once you have began using these major tips you would not just create a good email marketing campaign but would also help you gain some good results in terms of mobile email marketing.
These were some of the major tips of mobile email marketing for a better 2013. What apart from these could be helpful while dealing with email marketing. Do share our thoughts with us by leaving the comments below.