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6 Blunders to Avoid While Choosing The Best Among Email Append Companies

Email appending makes you more comfortable with your database. While the fact is that the postal addresses of your business prospects will be matched with the e-mail addresses in your email append vendor's database, there are six mistakes that you can avoid while you decide upon your relevant email append company. So, if you want to grow as a blooming customer service company, you need to have a correct customer contact database. If this makes sense, you will know why we are headed towards discussing those six mistakes you can dodge while you plan to grow your list with the best email address append company.
For those who want to seriously pursue email appending, should make sure that they follow the rules, which, if you do not, will become some serious mistakes:

Not preparing your database for email append
If you consider an email append of your database, you should also makes sure that your database already has lists segmented as per age, gender, job title and location. If this is not done and you ask your data append vendor to give you fresh email addresses, they will have a tough time segmenting your database as per different demographics. The result being, the email addresses will not be matched with your database in a methodical way. If you are looking for an e-append vendor to organize your database precisely, then you are thinking wrong.

To choose a vendor without evaluation
Know that there many data append vendors who are waiting to fool you with wrong information. So, before you choose a service partner, do some monitoring. Find out about their past achievements, past projects, ongoing projects, their industry reputation, their clients and their current location. Stay far from vendors who provide partial contact information on match rates, testimonials, clients list and employee strength as they are unverified.

If you are looking for expertise, skills, and active experience, know that only years-long reputation and honesty should be your criteria for a check. You should know the time your vendor has been in this business, the professional networks they are associated with, whether their industry presence is strong or weak, who their business partners are, and what kinds of services they offer other than email appending. Do not invest in a company which cannot remain in business even for a fortnight.

To choose a vendor depending on the price quoted
When you go for the least costly data append solution, makes sure that you are not saving every penny to regret later. If you come across a vendor who is ready to provide you the services at good quality even at the low price, you need to find out what makes their service good at fewer returns. A low-quality email list append can denigrate your entire e-mail marketing list and thereby, spoil your attempts at executing a good email marketing program. Some negligible savings per email address will be nothing as compared to the returns you will lose and your online reputation that will get damaged through spam traps.

When a vendor adds email addresses to your prospect list
So, you do not know your business prospects; you may have probably not sent them any email earlier. Then why would you want your emails sent to these prospects to become spam traps? An email address append should be only done on a customers' list. Though it is a bit tough, but still choose an e-append vendor who will agree on appending email addresses of your customer's lists. This will help your email marketing campaigns as you will have already known these customers and they have known you. For some or the other reason, if you have lost their email address or them outdated, it is much better if you re-connect with them through valid email addresses.

Not asking for 100% opted-in email addresses
Another mistake, as a data append service buyer, you can make is to invest in an email append service that does not guarantee you 100% opted-in email Ids. A credible and trustworthy vendor should not falter in offering a complete opted-in e-mail address list. You should even ask for the report on the opt-in addresses and the source, date along with the time stamp. Consider a vendor which sends you a permission confirmation note on the email address matches to guarantee deliver-ability of the emails. Your customers should also receive opt-out options in their emails before you receive the final report
Too many bounce rates can get your IP address blocked or blacklisted by your ISP. So, don't you think it is best to get 100% opted-in lists from your vendors to save you all the trouble?

Not asking for suppression and list cleaning 

Heard of list cleansing or list scrubbing? Well, an authentic data vendor should ideally clean your database off typos, spelling error and wrong domain names. This guarantees your database being clean enough to yield high deliverables. To add to this, your service partner should abide by the CAN-SPAM Act. Suppression files should be created for unsubscribed emails, FCC wireless domain and do-not-email address lists. Whatever be the changes in your database, your vendor should take complete responsibility of the wrong and the right data segregation. 
A good email append company can be separated from a not-so-good email appending company by keeping in mind all the six points discussed above. Be seriously engrossed in keeping yourself updated about the process planning, data pricing, and process returns and take the final decision on selecting the best among email append companies. Save your database from trivial mistakes and boost revenue, market reach, and business relationships with your customers through personalized email marketing campaigns.

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

4 Questions that can Determine your Best B2B Phone Appending Services

When you go to a restaurant, you do not order what the waiter suggests; you scan through the menu and then place your order for the most favorable food item. The same goes for buyers who are looking for something exclusive and yet not so pricy. Every buyer is pressed for time and budget. So, it is more than obvious that you, as a buyer, would want to get your basics in place before going for a service or a product. In any case if that service turns out to be b2b phone appending, then it will be interesting to know what the process includes, what the benefits are and why you should invest in it.

So, what do you look for in a business phone append service? Without doubt accurate phone numbers of your target audiences and existing customers. No matter how good a data append solution can make your database, there are a few questions you would like to put out to your phone append vendor before you take a decision of buying it. The phone contacts field you want to modify in your customer database should be supported with trustworthy feedback from your data append supplier’s existing customers. See that your phone numbers are collected from sources that are authentic and accredited. Pick a service that ensures better engagement through live conversations. So, here are some points to mull over on bettering your one-on-one interaction:

1.How many contacts can your vendor cover:

Your purchase call can be time-consuming if both you and your vendor are not on the same platform with regards to the contacts number or service capacity. So you need to ensure that you utilize your resources and time on the right vendor. Come to terms with the major facts with your phone email appending service provider:
Ask them:
  • What kind of phone append you need
  • Campaign requirements
  • Your budget limitations                                                                                            

2.What match rate would they provide:

Every marketer and buyer gets stuck at the “match-rate” of the appended phone numbers. And it makes sense, since this is what you want in exchange for what you pay. So, make sure that your database service provider announces the range of the match rate it provides in your initial queries.

Know that match-rate is a flexible metric as it can be measured depending on the vendor’s previous success records and the database you provide. To name few:
  • The fields that are complete in your database
  • Which portions of the database you decide to give to your data provider
  • What is your definition of match-rate and whether it tallies with your data vendor
  • Assess the replies from your data append vendor, while you can calculate the match-rates online.

3.The need to call your business prospects

Do-not call numbers can be easily removed from your database, but just deleting them is not enough to make better outbound calling. Your reasons to call your clients need to be niche as much as our clients are to you. You need to plan your substitute marketing techniques as a back-up in case you do not get opt-in phone numbers of some specific contacts. So, you need to basically know which customers have opted-in for calls and which have not by calling them and then segment your list accordingly. This will help you to give out only those lists that are bereft of phone numbers. 

4)  What type of b2b phone number appending to your database

Ask your database service provider as to what kind of phone append services it provides, as there are nothing less than five such procedures:
  • Directory Assistance
  • Non-Telco Compiled
  • Special (Customizing) Purpose
  • Utility Billing Appending
  • White page Appending

B2B phone data appending, if suitable for your outbound marketing, can yield extremely high deliverables and help your brand become visible to more business networks. For that, the credibility of your provider is also highly required, so that you can outsource your database management and list cleansing services without fearing of our data getting misplaced.  
Quick Append’s business phone append services add value to your database. Let us talk at 1-800-327-1790 to discuss the details.

Friday, 11 November 2016

The 5 Modern-age Job Titles that You Would be Interested In

Did you know how the advancement in technology has brought about a change in the way business operations take place, in the way jobs have changed and in the way new types of jobs have emerged? Since the evolution of the internet in the early 1990s, most of the business operations that needed manual labor are now using them for building or optimizing technology that can do all this automatically. Let us run you through 5 new-age job titles that will give you a new perspective on work requirements in the current times:

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  • SEO Expert
Most of us know or are aware of SEO or rather say search engine optimization. Who is not on the World Wide Web these days? Most colleges, offices, restaurants, libraries and hospitals provide wi-fi connection. And you will be thinking like, 'Let us search something relevant on this or that'. There may be so many search engine users like you, but to create content that is search-friendly is not very easy. The right keyword use depending on the results in the keywords tracker in some accredited SEO analytics tool is what an SEO Consultant does on an everyday basis. He or she is supposed to co-ordinate with the content strategist to get all the content theme and keywords in place, so that when a topic is searched on the internet, the written content should be on the first page of the search engine, as one among the first three positions. An SEO service agent has to see that a page has a meta description that briefs the content of the page as well contains a keyword that is highly competitive or mostly searched on the net. SEO Experts will work towards getting inbound links to improve organic traffic. 

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  • Web Analytics

Web analysis, as difficult as it sounds, is difficult in its execution too. Web analytics is all about analyzing the web page reports, organic traffic and customer behavior on the various content uploaded and indexed. Every web site's performance actually depends on the data analytics, reports and strategy presented by the web analyst. Now you know how the big companies get on the top of Google's, Yahoo's and Bing's search engine rankings. Let a web analyst find, gather, measure, and examine the data reports such as organic traffic, customer acquisition and conversion and see your website do wonders on the search engines.
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing has, over the years, emerged as a combination of content management and marketing. So, a digital marketer is supposed to reach out to their prospective customers through commonly used digital platforms. Digital resources provide podiums or networks which allow digital marketers to connect with their business prospects in order to understand their buying tastes, culture, place and weather requirements. So, advertisements are still prevalent, but through digital media such as email, social networks, blogs, etc. Every result gathered is studied to understand the scope, importance and use of any particular digital medium, ad copy content or customer response. Converting digital users into loyal customers is what digital marketers do. This job profile also includes a bit of SEO and web analysis, and A/B testing.
  • Information Architect

Information architects work with content strategists to develop a structure, digital design and architecture of a specific type of information. If you know what site maps, you will know what information architecture is all about. Information Architects design user flow charts by analyzing user behavior in web analytics. They make content look like a product to be searched and viewed.
  • Accessibility Specialist

User interfaces improve user experiences by making product accessibility easy for users. Accessibility Specialists create interfaces on the basis of analysis of accessibility abidance. They have to research whether the products designed are accessible online. They do this with the help of the UI and UX specialists, and product designers who test the products and services accessibility. An Interactive Accessibility Consultant is involved in creating prototype and website wire-frame. 

Have you come across any other modern-age job title recently? Then please share them with us in our comments section.

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