Monday, 12 December 2016

6 Blunders to Avoid While Choosing The Best Among Email Append Companies

Email appending makes you more comfortable with your database. While the fact is that the postal addresses of your business prospects will be matched with the e-mail addresses in your email append vendor's database, there are six mistakes that you can avoid while you decide upon your relevant email append company. So, if you want to grow as a blooming customer service company, you need to have a correct customer contact database. If this makes sense, you will know why we are headed towards discussing those six mistakes you can dodge while you plan to grow your list with the best email address append company.
For those who want to seriously pursue email appending, should make sure that they follow the rules, which, if you do not, will become some serious mistakes:

Not preparing your database for email append
If you consider an email append of your database, you should also makes sure that your database already has lists segmented as per age, gender, job title and location. If this is not done and you ask your data append vendor to give you fresh email addresses, they will have a tough time segmenting your database as per different demographics. The result being, the email addresses will not be matched with your database in a methodical way. If you are looking for an e-append vendor to organize your database precisely, then you are thinking wrong.

To choose a vendor without evaluation
Know that there many data append vendors who are waiting to fool you with wrong information. So, before you choose a service partner, do some monitoring. Find out about their past achievements, past projects, ongoing projects, their industry reputation, their clients and their current location. Stay far from vendors who provide partial contact information on match rates, testimonials, clients list and employee strength as they are unverified.

If you are looking for expertise, skills, and active experience, know that only years-long reputation and honesty should be your criteria for a check. You should know the time your vendor has been in this business, the professional networks they are associated with, whether their industry presence is strong or weak, who their business partners are, and what kinds of services they offer other than email appending. Do not invest in a company which cannot remain in business even for a fortnight.

To choose a vendor depending on the price quoted
When you go for the least costly data append solution, makes sure that you are not saving every penny to regret later. If you come across a vendor who is ready to provide you the services at good quality even at the low price, you need to find out what makes their service good at fewer returns. A low-quality email list append can denigrate your entire e-mail marketing list and thereby, spoil your attempts at executing a good email marketing program. Some negligible savings per email address will be nothing as compared to the returns you will lose and your online reputation that will get damaged through spam traps.

When a vendor adds email addresses to your prospect list
So, you do not know your business prospects; you may have probably not sent them any email earlier. Then why would you want your emails sent to these prospects to become spam traps? An email address append should be only done on a customers' list. Though it is a bit tough, but still choose an e-append vendor who will agree on appending email addresses of your customer's lists. This will help your email marketing campaigns as you will have already known these customers and they have known you. For some or the other reason, if you have lost their email address or them outdated, it is much better if you re-connect with them through valid email addresses.

Not asking for 100% opted-in email addresses
Another mistake, as a data append service buyer, you can make is to invest in an email append service that does not guarantee you 100% opted-in email Ids. A credible and trustworthy vendor should not falter in offering a complete opted-in e-mail address list. You should even ask for the report on the opt-in addresses and the source, date along with the time stamp. Consider a vendor which sends you a permission confirmation note on the email address matches to guarantee deliver-ability of the emails. Your customers should also receive opt-out options in their emails before you receive the final report
Too many bounce rates can get your IP address blocked or blacklisted by your ISP. So, don't you think it is best to get 100% opted-in lists from your vendors to save you all the trouble?

Not asking for suppression and list cleaning 

Heard of list cleansing or list scrubbing? Well, an authentic data vendor should ideally clean your database off typos, spelling error and wrong domain names. This guarantees your database being clean enough to yield high deliverables. To add to this, your service partner should abide by the CAN-SPAM Act. Suppression files should be created for unsubscribed emails, FCC wireless domain and do-not-email address lists. Whatever be the changes in your database, your vendor should take complete responsibility of the wrong and the right data segregation. 
A good email append company can be separated from a not-so-good email appending company by keeping in mind all the six points discussed above. Be seriously engrossed in keeping yourself updated about the process planning, data pricing, and process returns and take the final decision on selecting the best among email append companies. Save your database from trivial mistakes and boost revenue, market reach, and business relationships with your customers through personalized email marketing campaigns.

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