Friday, 14 February 2014

High Quality Email Appending Service from Quick Append


Email is an excellent channel for enhancing communications and selling. Retaining customers is much less expensive than new customer acquisition. What email has given the world of force-communication is a quantum leap in timing, an astounding reduction in cost and an automatic one-to-one relationship. Email addresses are important assets.

What is Email Appending?

Email appending is the process of merging a database of information on individuals containing information other than the individuals' email addresses, with a service provider's database of email addresses in an attempt to match the email addresses with the information in the initial database.

A typical email appending scenario involves a business that has name, address and telephone data on its customers to do business through mail or over the telephone, but the company wants to expand into email communication and pays a third party that has a database of email addresses in order to merge the data together.

What Do Quick Append Do?

Email appending adds or corrects a customer's email address to his existing contact information. Today, many companies use outside appending services to help them develop and manage their email appending efforts. By appending email addresses to your customer database, you can expand your marketing options and receive tremendous customer communication benefits. The append process returns only email address of customers that are willing to receive offers from the company.

There are some good sources out there of emails for append purposes, but even the best sources will get you 45 – 50% match rate. There are several companies all over the world that offer email appending services. Our High-Quality Email Appending Service will help you to get-in-touch with your old contacts, decrease email bounce rate and will boost the response rate. Email append is fast, relatively inexpensive and it works.

We have an elaborate email appending process, which is a combination of automated and manual steps so that you can be assured of best results.

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