Tuesday, 4 April 2017

5 Email Marketing Terms Must Be Aware Of

Email marketing as a whole is getting deeper, getting wider, touching newer aspects of marketing. It's a widespread marketing strategy wherein, if you rise, you're there! If you're not then, it's hard to get on track if you're unaware of terms, processes, services and more.

Just like mass communication, for instance, email marketing also have jargons which are terms for services and more. For you, as an email marketer- be it a fresher or an experienced one, you've got to be aware of the most popular and essential jargons.

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Give below are jargons which you need to be aware of to give your email marketing campaigns and knowledge an edge and a quick boost!

Multivariate testing-  A great email marketing technique wherein, you can exactly find out which email works out the best for the audience! As you know, different audiences respond to certain images, colors, font faces and more differently, As an email marketer, you've got to be aware of the combination which suits your subscribers the best. Also, this test involves various variables.

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In this test, there are 2 samples, one with the direct approach- a bold CTA plus a clear image- things are clear here, to the point. The other sample will have a complex design with a couple of CTAs and no image. The CTR determines your email's efficiency.

Hard and soft bounce- When emails are sent out to senders due to permanent reasons like when the domain name is incorrect or, the email address is not a real one is what hard bounces are all about. Hard bounces can drastically affect your deliverability rates and can make you end up being a part of the spam folder! 

Soft bounce is all about an email which could not be received due to temporary reasons like the receivers' full inbox or, huge files and more. Contact your email append service provider to work on soft bounces!

Email appending- Appending services are a must for your database. With a rusty database, you cannot trust it's destination, CTR and more. What's the point of drafting beautiful, quality mailers when your database is rotten? Be it reverse email append services or other services like demographic appending, social media appending and more are going to help your bring your database perform at it's best!

 Transactional emails- It's a wonderful email marketing technique and term used for mails which are sent right after a purchase. It lets the customers' know that you're obliged by the purchase they've made. With email appending, it's going to be easy for you to follow- up, edit, customize your mailers. In fact, you can send special offers to people on their birthdays via date of birth appending.

Dynamic Content- Dynamic content is the in- thing for e- commerce based markets. Here, content is customized every now and then as per the customers' needs. It's effective to opt for dynamic content, especially for B2C markets as customers will be driven to buy your products!

To be honest, it's a must for you to email appending your database before anything! Why? Well, email appending shall give your database an edge, crispness and more- you'll obtain 100% ROI if it's a quality database. The terms mentioned above are general but, so powerful.