Thursday, 15 June 2017

The upcoming Era-Phone Marketing in Professional Fields

Marketing as a field, a profession has been surprising ever since it came into existence. The 2017 High Growth Survey wasn't any exception either!

Did you know, according to Hinge's second annual study of growth and marketing for professional services, a variety of topics were spoken of such as financial performance, marketing, strategy, etc.

Post research, they found out that almost 1/4th (a quarter) of high- growing firms reported that a huge impact in their progress was created by phone marketing! So, the myth finally breaks- phone marketing is out- guess what, it ain't!

phone marketing

Now, a question arises-

What are the kinds of firms opting for phone marketing?

Research shows that mod- sized firms which offer technology services have opted for phone marketing which is ironic as per their 'progress!' The reason they all gave was to:

build customer relations
explain their products/ services to their prospects in a detailed style and more

Another question pops up- why only these kinds of industries are opting for phone marketing?

What made them attain success via phone marketing?

The reason was very basic yet, essential- it was all about the time and money and effort they were willing to invest in phone marketing, unlike the rest.

The reason behind why they were so confident was because they were probably were looking out to target narrowly focused audiences- large and high revenue businesses. Also, even if their sales rates are low and losses high, the BD or, Business Development teams are on it- they have to make sure that they attain their monthly targets, bringing in high revenue!

Point being, their returns are way higher than their investment rates.

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” - Guy Kawasaki.

What if both are open for you?

  • Guess, what firms which have opted for phone marketing also have:
  • 82% firms practicing email marketing
  • 71% social media marketing
  • 50% blogging, etc. and more!

The entire purpose of phone marketing is – 'cold calling'? NO. It's about integrating phone conversations with inbound & thought leadership marketing.

How can phone marketing get started?

There are 3 broad ways-

First being, if you already have an email list, opt for telephone appending, reverse email appending services, etc. from a good email appending company and ensure that your database is right back on track, bring in high ROI for your company

Second option being, buy email list- be it professional email lists or, business email lists or, consumer email lists, opt for it, pick the best data broker and obtain prospects A-Z details in no time! It'll save up on important resources like time, money, man power, etc.

Or, let go off the option of phone marketing and wait for your company to undergo major losses! Kidding.

How your firm can practice the approach of phone marketing

There's a secret tunnel to this approach- educate then, qualify our leads, warm them up over the phone conversation you have with them.

The first step is, set up necessary digital equipment's, infrastructure, etc.

Then, set your long term and short term goals, your strategies.

Most importantly, adapt several modes of communication other than cold- calling or, phone marketing like blogging, social media engagement, website promotion and more.

Then, strategize your pitch- it can be customer centric or, direct sales.

Let me tell you something- phone marketing ain't everyone's cup of tea- you've got to face people and listen to their constant “NO's” and rarely expect even one “YES!” Establishing a close connection with your prospects is way harder than email marketing or any other kind and, once you achieve it, you'll probably be known as 'The Invincible One!'

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