Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The most meant-to-be times to roll out email marketing campaigns

The following has been an unanswered question since forever- “When exactly can I roll out email campaigns?” Yes, we've got multiple not-so-worth-it answers like Tuesday through Thursday morning- from 8:00AM to 10:00AM- all thanks to researches which haven't worked out well. But, our life has been very dynamic since forever now.

Several researches like that of Experian's 2012 research found out that unique open rates, late at night are taking place on an average level of 22%. Funnily, these people have also had great CTR throughout the day as well. However, there's a probable reason behind constant email activity- 9:00AM-5:00PM job then, constant activity online as well.

Some researches have also revealed that high CTRs are taking place on Monday mornings and Saturdays and Sundays as well- shocking, ain't it? All these years, I thought that 'Mon-daze' were the saddest were because of work and Saturdays and Sundays were the happiest due to holidays. But, probably, according to the results, either people are workaholics or, they just what to be pre- prepared with regard to work.

Weekend lovers/ haters?

Let's find out!

Yes, most of us hate weekends but, there are businesses who may have working weekends or are simply people who're concerned about their work lives. On looking at Experian's email marketing study, we found out that when the send volume was the least, the recipients responded to them the most. The CTR % for both Saturdays and Sundays was 18%- the highest percentage all week.

Other studies also supported this study and came up with results of that kind.

Yes, according to a regular person, people with high CTR on weekends are weekend haters but, it's a catch- however, do run out a couple of email campaigns as test ones and see how that works out for you!

Mobile matters, really?

Oh, this is so common but, forgotten by several email marketers. It's like, reminding a teenager that he's 16 since forever- they never seem to remember it or behave like 16-year-olds! A study found out that about 55% of all e-mails are viewed on smartphones and, it's been growing by 2% too!

However, here's a tip- if you're making it mobile- centric, ensure that your CTRs are to-the-point and visible.

Another study found out that the open rates were dependent upon the device they're using. Usually, mails opened from 5:00PM to 8:00AM are mostly opened from cellphones but, from 3:00PM to 4:00PM, desktop!

So, here's another tip- while you send out test campaigns, send the same mail out to different recipients at different slots of time, giving you more clarity. Also, make sure that the landing page is mobile- friendly.

But wait, did you get my point? Timing ain't everything!

If you keep sticking to what time your emails are opened, what about the other defining elements? Here are a few:

make sure you have a catchy subject line (it's mobile friendly too!)
don't be too spammy- be elegant and worth your readers' time
email appending your database is a must- what if you're not being able to obtain ROI due to invalid, duplicate, invalid email- ids?
Email testing- ensure that it looks great on all devices- smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. and more!

So, again, 'what's the best time to roll out an email campaign?“ I would say, anytime is okay as long as your content is worth everyone's time! (and other aspects too)


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